Turn and cough

16 Feb

Ah...snow bathing.

So….Jordan is sick.  Well, he’s not Grade A, USDA Choice sick, but he’s at least sick enough to feel like the stereotypical death-warmed-over.  He’s been running a low-grade fever for two days now which is not like him.  And I quote, “…I’ve only had a fever twice during my adult life.”  Well, well…just brag about my dearest.  After alternating between the chills and being hot, he’s decided that fevers are ridiculous and that he doesn’t like them one bit.  Well, I think we can all agree on that point. 

Hopefully he’ll get well soon…because he scared me half to death this morning.  I was humming away over a pot of veggies and beef….and burgundy…[slurp]…getting supper ready to go into the crock pot.  Eight o’clock came and passed.  Then 8:15.  By 8:30 the hubs had still not emerged from our bedroom and I was starting to get worried.  What if he’d died in his sleep?  [gasp]  What if I’d slept beside his dead body all night?!  And what should I do now?  I’m almost done getting this meal into the crock pot.  Should I drop what I’m doing and go feel for a pulse or should I finish things up in the kitchen first?  If I finish things in the kitchen and he is dead, then at least I won’t have to mess with fixing supper later.  I mean, there’s nothing I can do to bring him back and I’ll be too grief stricken to feed the children later…  (That is probably the worst internal monologue that I’ve ever had….)  I am a terrible person.

In my defense I knew that the odds of him dying in his sleep from a cold were close to .001%, so I didn’t feel too bad about pausing for a few seconds to consider my course of action.  And, as I”m sure you can guess, it turns out that he wasn’t dead.  He was in the shower.  Eh-heh…oops.  Well.  Good.  [wink]

…and you don’t even want to know what I was thinking when he was late to work this morning.  The fog was thick on the roads….hmm….  ;]


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