The joys of I-35

7 Feb

The race was on this past Saturday.  The snow would soon start to melt and that meant that most of the town would be on a mission to go sledding.  Thus we got up early on Saturday to hit the slopes and claim a spot before it got too crowded.  “But, Raine.  Oklahoma is so flat?  Wherever did you find slopes?”  Funny you should ask.  You see the State is largely flat.  However I-35 that runs through the heart of town provides the perfect area for sledding.  Wherever you find a bridge crossing over the Interstate, you have steep slopes.  So we spent a large part of the day sledding down I-35.  What better weekend entertainment could you ask for?

Never before have I worn so many clothes.  (Try that out as a pickup line!)  With below freezing temperatures and the plan for rolling about in the snow all day, we layered up like cake.  (Terrible metaphor, I know.)  The kids have never had so much fun and neither have I.  It was a first time experience for us and we reveled in ever moment of it.  It wasn’t long before the kids were on their stomachs, rocketing down the slopes head first into certain collapse at the bottom.  They didn’t care.

We tried out ever conceivable way to sled down the slopes, some more successful than others.  This particular position was fantastic for launching the kids into oblivion once we hit a large mound of snow near the bottom.  Of course, I only did it once.  I’m not sure if you can tell, but it wasn’t my favorite position for sledding.  [wink]

Sadly by Sunday temperatures rose into the 40’s and most of the slopes had shed their snow by mid-afternoon.  There were a few desperate children still out there trying to hit patches of snow where they could find them, but they were few and far between.  We will however have another chance for sledding this weekend as we’re scheduled for another winter storm this week.  An estimated 4-10 inches or more of snow will arrive on Wednesday.  Color me happy.  (Not.)  ;]


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