Walkie Talkie Etiquette

4 Feb

I am starting to wonder if the kids will ever go back to school.  With another 3 inches of snow that’s already fallen today, the odds are not looking good.  We did however finally venture out into the world last night for supper.  After being cooped up in the house since Sunday, it was a welcome change of view.  (Despite the fact that a van almost knocked us off a bridge.  I think people forget how to merge when the temperature drops below twenty.)

I actually ventured out on my own today with the kids for a trip to McDonald’s for lunch and play time.  Jaden & Fisher had plenty of pent-up energy that needed to be burned off.  Especially since they had to retire their new favorite indoor game.  They got Walkie Talkies for Christmas which they absolutely adore.  And all was going well until yesterday when Fisher’s Walkie Talkie picked up another person’s frequency.  Apparently a man in our area was feeling frisky and decided to get a jump-start on foreplay via Walkie Talkie.  After one sultry and particularly graphic pick-up line spilled out of Fisher’s Lego Walkie Talkie, they both got turned off.  Talk about a disaster.  Thankfully the kids didn’t hear most of what was said.  [shiver]  Grossness.

Disturbing short-wave conversations aside, I believe that we’re all going to go sledding tomorrow.  (!!!)  I’ll make sure to take some pictures as I am sure that it will be interesting.  Until then, keep your Walkie Talkie clean.  ;]


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