Downward Facing Dog

3 Feb

Jaden made her debut appearance in the snow yesterday.  She really didn’t need to be out there, but her sad eyes got the best of me.  (And of course she was fever-free.)  She and Fisher spent most of their time attempting to build a snowman.  Alas, the snow was too soft  to be packed into any form other than that of confectioner sugar.  (Which Jaden tasted and verified was not actually confectioner sugar.)

Fisher did manage to find the “ultimate” snow ball and proceeded to stalk Jaden about the yard with it held high over his head.  It turned out to be a sheet of ice the size of a space heater.  That was a no go.  He was quite depressed that he couldn’t zing his sister with it.  It might “not” kill her.  [wink]

In the end the extreme temperatures and vast amounts of yellow snow drove us back  inside.  (Thank goodness!)  The magic of the snow has finally worn off this morning.  Jaden & Fisher actually begged to not go outside.  And thus winter has officially become awful.

Take for instance the joy of jumping in snow drifts.  I never had that experience as a child, so I decided to mark it off my list last night while out walking the dogs.  The problem with snow drifts is that they’re only light and fluffy the first day.  After that they solidify into a solid mass of ice.  One that will knock the breath out of you if you fling yourself into it.  [cough]  I may have tried that last night.

Also, the adage that if something looks like a duck and sounds like a duck that it must be a duck is wrong.  Snow that looks like snow may very well be ice.  It’s amazing the positions that can be achieved if you find yourself prone on frozen snow.  I pulled off a fabulous Downward Facing Dog last night.  I tried to follow it up with a Cobra pose, but couldn’t quite manage the extension.  If I took yoga, my instructor would surely be ashamed.


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