Snow Report, Day Two

2 Feb


In case you were wondering, Dachshunds are not built for the snow…at least not mine.  Poor Lemon.  With ten inches of snow, she was having a hard time yesterday jumping around in the snow.  Oh, she thought she loved it.  She sat by the door all day yesterday whining and crying to go back out into the storm.  Apparently she likes having golf ball-sized snowballs under her arms.  It would take a good twenty minutes just to thaw her out.  Needless to say, she hasn’t been as eager to go back out today.


Fisher, on the other hand, thought that the -13 degree wind chill was fabulous.  That is until he discovered that diving into snow drifts bigger than him wasn’t such a good idea.  His pants got soaked and then immediately froze into sheets of ice.  Along with his face turning varying shades of red, he didn’t last long either.


The guys actually tried to go to work yesterday, but only made it as far as the entrance to our subdivision before getting stuck.  Even after digging out the car, they couldn’t go anywhere because of the white out caused by the blizzard.  Thus they returned home half-frozen and defeated.  They did, however, make it into the office today despite the frozen/snow-covered roads.

I will be spending day four in the house with the kids.  And tomorrow isn’t looking any better.  With the neighborhood buried in ice and snow, I can’t see a school bus venturing near us for several days.  It looks as though school won’t be back in session until Monday.  [cough]  I may develop an eye twitch before this week is over.  With Jaden on the mend she is back to her questioning, complaining self.  And Fisher is well, Fisher.  Hyper.  Bouncy.  And hard of hearing when it comes to instruction.

So…uh…anyone want to come for a visit?  [wink]


One Response to “Snow Report, Day Two”

  1. Aunt Glenda February 2, 2011 at 12:46 PM #

    The pics remind me of our years in Va.We had snow and ice like you have now from Nov til March.
    Come home, we don’t have the snow here only the cold
    Love you and miss you each a lot

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