Blizzard + Flu = Good Times

1 Feb


So…we’ve been a little busy today with the Blizzard and all.  With close to ten inches of snow on top of probably one to two inches of sleet/ice and a wind chill of -13 degrees, I’d definitely say that the weather was inclement.  Plus, Jaden has the flu complete with a 104 degree fever, vomiting and all the other lovely symptoms that come along with it.  Let’s just say that I’m going to have a serious case of cabin fever by this weekend.

I’ll hopefully get some more photos uploaded tomorrow for your viewing pleasure.  (Because this is most definitely the most snow this Georgia girl has ever seen.)  And just in case you were wondering, tomorrow will be day four with the flu.  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a date with a can of Lysol.  ;]


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