The Rules of Walking

31 Jan

In the face of a potentially epic winter storm starting this evening, let me tell you about how awesome the weather was on Saturday:

Seventy degrees.  In January.  In Oklahoma.  It was absolutely amazing.  Blue skies, slight breeze, and shorts that hadn’t been worn in months.  So, Jordan, the kids and I took the dogs on a long walk around the neighborhood.  Jaden and Fisher decided that they didn’t want to walk and road their Razor scooters instead.

The only thing that could have made out outing more perfect was if I had done the laundry the day before.  You see, I can always tell when I need to do laundry when I get down to my “attractive” but not ideally comfortable underwear.  (I’m sure that all my family reading this wanted to know that…just wait, it gets worse.)  Needless to say, I was not wearing the proper attire for a long walk.  Trying to stay positive about the situation, I decided to brag to Jordan about my “clothing options” for the day.  The kids  were ahead of us and I had a captive audience.

…so I lifted up the left side of my shorts to give Jordan  a peek.  Because I’m sexy that way.  [wink]  After flashing him, I turned my head to give him the obligatory wink that always follows these type of maneuvers.  And that is when I spotted the jogger coming up behind us.


Note to self.  Scope out the neighborhood before you flash you husband with your “good” side.  Sorry random jogger who lives a few houses away.  I promise to not make eye contact with you when I pass you on the road.  Oh…and I’ll keep my shorts in place for now on.


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