When the bed’s a’rockin…

24 Jan

Logic is something that the kids have yet to come to terms with.  Example:

Fisher, wearing nothing but a T-Shirt and Spiderman underwear: “I’m coo-ooold.”

Me: “So….put on some pants.”

Fisher, now featuring a light bulb over his head: “Oh!  Okay!”

My favorite lapse in logic for the weekend occurred Friday night while the kids were exiled in their bedroom.  (They were Grade A crazy and were about to drive Jordan & I to drinking….er, soda that is.)

After only being back in their room for about, oh..five minutes, a long, high-pitched scream wafted from the kid’s room and swirled around the living room ceiling like the dark cloud that it was.  Jordan went to investigate.  (You know, the type of investigation where you sneak down the hallway, linger at the door way for a moment and then burst into the room to the surprise and horror of the children.  It’s a classic.)  What he found was…disturbing.  Jaden was perched perilously on top of their bunk bed while Fisher was standing at the bottom of the bed shaking it with all his might.  (Which was surprisingly a lot.)

Jordan: “Why are you shaking the bed?”

Fisher: “Because Jaden won’t stop screaming!”

Right-O.  I guess it never occurred to him that the reason she was screaming was because he was shaking the bed.  It’s a complicated world.  [wink]


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