Skunk Boots

21 Jan

I sometimes think that the kid in me has failed to realized that I’m not a kid anymore.  For example, yesterday while playing in the snow with the kids, my inner-child marveled at my boots and how very much they looked like skunks.  Ridiculous, I know, but goshdarnit they do hold a resemblance if you look at them in a certain way.  (I think that certain way is with your head tilted to the side while eating a Gerkin.  That should make it clear.) 

Sadly, I left my skunk boots at home today.  There wasn’t enough snow left on the ground to warrant their wearing, plus I am fresh out of black socks.  (A tragedy, as I am sure you will agree.)  I did have some brown cat socks, which means that I am wearing some brown clogs today instead.  Funny….they look very similar to hedgehogs.  [wink]


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