The Moment.

20 Jan

I finally had my moment this morning.  The moment that I never had as a child.  It is the  one where you wake up and notice that the light squeezing through the blinds looks different from the way it should.  And that is because when you finally drag yourself from your warm bed you discover that there is snow as far as the eye can see.  This morning I have felt like a kid.

The school called dark and early this morning to let us know that school was canceled for the day due to ice and snow.  Under all of our fine, powdery snow is ice.  The snow looks so soft and inviting and then it strikes out as soon as you step foot on it.  “Oh, I’m sorry.  I didn’t mention the ice?  Yes, well…surprise! It took me all night to get it juuuust right.”

As soon as the kids woke up this morning they had their moments as well.  [The loudest and most hysterical gasp ever to have been uttered]  “Snow!”  “Omigosh-Mommy-snow!”  Of course with the thoughts of snow ball fights in their heads, they ate breakfast in record time and where waiting be the door seemingly in minutes from waking up to go outside and decimate each other.

Denny decided to tag along and see what all this snow talk was about.  He quickly discovered that, “Holy cow!  This stuff is just frozen water!”  [Gobble, gobble, gobble]  The dog loves cold water and loves ice cubes even more and now here it was.  Water and ice combined into a fluffy delicacy all for his personal enjoyment.  Oh, it was almost too much for his doggie mind to handle.  He then proceeded to open his mouth and gently set it down on the snow so he could walk and scoop it up at the same time.  Genius!  Once he’d ridden that train as far is it would go, he set out to capture and consume as many straw snow balls that he could get to.  Much to the detriment of Jaden & Fisher’s winter-time fun.  ;]

Ahh…so this has been our morning.  The kids have made snow balls that disintegrate into dust upon impact and Denny has been effectively snow plowing the backyard.  Well, that is until they’d been out in it for about ten minutes and discovered that a wind chill of -2 degrees was serious stuff.  So now we’re all inside drinking hot chocolate and waiting for the feeling to come back into our fingers.  We’d cross them for luck, but they don’t seem to be working at the moment.  [wink]


One Response to “The Moment.”

  1. MiMi January 21, 2011 at 3:39 AM #

    Brings back a lot of memories of Maine in Winter. I am glad they are enjoying the fun. Brrrr…I really don’t miss it that much! lol

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