The Dreams [cue Dark Shadows theme song]

18 Jan

Let me just start things off by saying that yesterday, my 300th blog post, I ranted on about the Golden Globes.  If I ever do that again, just know that aliens have taken me aboard their ship for probes and Yatzee. Yeesh.


Anywho, back to your regularly scheduled blogging…

This past weekend found most of our direct and indirect family sitting around the TV.  The kids were soaking up their introductory viewing of “The Incredible Mr. Limpet,” which is kick-ass and awesome and low-fat.  While…eight-ish feet away, the adults were watching a Bio on John Carpenter’s Halloween.  So, you could say that we were covering all our bases this weekend.

Mr. Limpet had yet to turn into a fish and thus was not animated yet…and thus Fisher wasn’t really sure if he liked it.  He therefore sidled over into adult territory to check out the action in our camp.  It was full of knives and painted William Shatner masks as you would expect.  (Did you know that the mask used in Halloween was a simple William Shatner/Star Trek mask painted white?  There’s some awesome trivia for ‘ya.)

Well, Fisher is about as subtle as a hairy back peeking out over the top of a Hanes White T-Shirt.  He was quickly discovered and Michael Myers was paused half-way through killing Jamie Lee’s boyfriend.

Me: “Fisher.  Why don’t you go and watch Mr. Limpet?”

Fisher: “I don’t waaaaant to.”  (Said as he rolled about like an epileptic snake.)

Me: “Well, you really need to go watch Mr. Limpet.  It’s going to get good in a minute and the show we are watching is scary.”

Fisher: “Bgrphf.”  (Which I assume means “I’d rather not.”)

Me: “…but Mr. Limpet is a funny show!”

Fisher: “…not the funny shows!  They give me the dreams!”


Say what?  The dreams?  Talk about scary….that sounds like a horror flick John Carpenter should have made.

Where does he get his material?  And what do you say in response to that as a parent?

I went with: “…uuuuhhh….*hysterical laughter*….*cough*….Ahem….Right….Go watch your movie….now.”

It was somewhat effective.  [wink]


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