Oh, Ricky.

17 Jan

I am normally not one to sit down and watch the Golden Globes, or any other awards show for that matter.  I somewhat pride myself in not being one of those celebrity crazed individuals that live and breathe celebrity news.  I honestly couldn’t care less about who is having whose baby and other nonsense.  However, I did tune into the Golden Globes this weekend due to the fact that Ricky Gervais was hosting the show again.  Oh, he did not disappoint.  His witty commentary and quick quips took a usually stuffy affair and transformed it into entertainment…as it should be.

Listening to celebrities rattle off lists of accomplishments and ego-inflating tales of amazement induce my gag reflex quicker than canned tuna that has been packed in oil.  (Which is really saying something because oily tuna is quite possibly the most vile substance in existence.)  Yes, we know that you’re wonderful.  And rich.  And ridiculously gorgeous…thanks to plastic surgery.  (Did you see Sandra Bullock’s face?  You should have…it didn’t move an inch the entire time that she was on stage.)

But…if you lightening things up with a few pointed jokes, then I’m all aboard.  Was Ricky Gervais mean-spirited?  No.  Did his jokes hit home?  Yes, and that is what made them great.  Of course Robert Downy Jr. knows that he’s had trouble in the past.  It’s not news to him.  I say it’s better to poke fun at your past failures than to be ashamed of them.  Look.  There.  Something that I have conquered.  Something that I have overcome.  I can imagine that he’s made light of  himself a few times if not more.  No one seemed to be appalled by Ricky’s comments on the Hef.  (Priceless, by the way.)  Why?  Because everyone knows that he’s a dirty old man.  The Hef even knows that he’s a dirty old man.

I won’t continue on my tirade, however I will say one more thing.  It’s obvious that Ricky Gervais is good for ratings or they wouldn’t have invited him back this year to host.  And I find it hard to believe that his commentary/intro’s were not pre-screened by someone.  The organizers of the Golden Globes know full and well who Ricky Gervais is and what kind of person he is.  They also know full and well what type of comedy he provides.  Apparently the powers that be did not find his words too offensive or else they wouldn’t have let him host.

I just hope that he’ll be back next year.  It’s been a long time that I’ve laughed that hard.  Kudos, Ricky!


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