Pepper Dragons…and some such stuff.

12 Jan

Okay…our Anniversary weekend.

I’ve been trying to sit down for a few days now so I could type up a quick synopsis of our trip.  However, I just haven’t had enough “want to” in me to do it.  I am sure that all of you can relate.  Now that I’m finally getting around to it, I feel as though I’ve built it up to something grand and magical…when it was simply just amazing.  It’s like building up your favorite movie to the greatest film that was ever made and when people finally see it, they simply say, “…meh.  It was okay.”

So, this is what we did this past weekend in Fort Worth….with a few extras for dramatic flare:

Jordan and I got a room at The Worthington Renaissance in downtown Ft. Worth.  If you haven’t ever been to The Worthington or seen pictures of it, then let me just say that my description will fall flat in describing it fully.  It is nestled in the heart of downtown which is about as quaint as a bug’s ear…if bugs had ears.  The buildings are tall and old and brick and absolutely beautiful.  I have never been one to enjoy a cityscape over a mountain view.  However I think I could pictures myself living in downtown Ft. Worth.

Saturday night we ate at The Reata, which has to be one of my favorite restaurants in the county.  Even though I haven’t eaten at many upscale restaurants, I am pretty sure that even if I had, I would still rate The Reata in my top three.  The only down side of eating there was having to fast all day before our meal.  Because I might want to get an appetizer…or two.  And I might have a super rich dessert after my entree.  And that’s all alongside a fabulous bottle of wine.  So…yeah.  Fast and wear some elastic pants.  And maybe a 10-gallon hat….you know, to fit in with the locals.

Two appetizers, you say?  Don’t scoff.  Could you choose between the Jalapeno Cilantro Soup and the Smoked Quail with Jalapeno Cheddar Grits with Molasses BBQ Glaze?  Trust me, you could not.  I would describe the rest of my meal…but I might spiral into a dark depression over not knowing when I’ll eat that glorious food again.  And no one likes a dark depression.

…I guess I did say something about a few extras…for dramatic flare…

…so, uh…on the walk back to our room, which was only a block away, Jordan and I were attacked.  By pepper breathing street dragons.  You know the kind.  They breath pepper to rend you helpless from an hour-long-sneeze-a-thon.  It was simply terrible.  Thankfully we were so weighed down with food that we simply sat on their heads.  After struggling for at least twenty minutes they finally yelled out in defeat.  That’s right.  Never try to overtake someone with at least four courses of food in the belly.

…right…that wasn’t awkward…

On Sunday we headed home after a short trip over to Arlington, TX.  Short due to the fact that the cute snow flurries of the morning suddenly transformed into an out-right downpour.  That is to say if snow could really pour.  It more or less floated down with the furry of a thousand Plutos…because Pluto is really cold and peeved that he’s no longer a planet.

Or is he?  I could have sworn that I heard that Pluto got reinstated into the “Planets of the Solar System Club.”  Albeit with the use of a used Members Only Jacket.

…but I digress.

The weekend was amazing.  Our 2nd Anniversary was perfect.  We are madly in love. Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.  [wink]

(Just know that those “blah’s” are really romantic ones.)


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