Not As Promised

11 Jan

I was going to give an awesomely un-detailed recount of our weekend in Fort Worth today, however I’ve been too preoccupied with Ok Go music videos.  Since Sunday night Jordan, the kids, myself and Jordan’s parents have been transfixed with the darn things and can’t seem to pull ourselves away.  And it’s no wonder….they’re freakin’ amazing.

Sadly, I am unable to embed videos here…(because I’m too cheap to pay for an upgrade on my WordPress account.)  However, if you’re in the mood for some awesomeness, I can at least paste in a few links:

I could post a few billion more, but then this post would be a maze of links and incoherent text.  So I’ll refrain.

So maybe tomorrow I’ll tell you about my weekend.  For now I’m going to contemplate an autographed Ikea trashcan by Ok Go.  Because I simply cannot help myself.  [wink]


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