There is no Hook, only Zuul…I mean, Hand.

6 Jan

A few weeks ago, before school let out for Winter Break, all the 2nd Grade classes at the kid’s school put on a Christmas play.  (Musical?  There was singing involved…hmm.)  Anyway, as you can see, it was a-freakin-dorable.  Of course, I’m the parent, so I say things like that as if they were definitive.  There were elves, reindeer, an elf who thought he was Elvis…you know, the usual.  The performance was spot-on and only 30 minutes long.  Every parent’s dream.  [wink]

However, before the play/musical started, there was some “mischief” about.  I had stationed myself opposite of where Jaden would be standing so I could take pictures.  (Of course some cretin decided at the last moment to turn off the lights over the stage.  There was a collective, hateful moan that passed from the lips of every parent holding a camera.  And these weren’t just any lights…they were the kind that took about 20 minutes to warm up before turning on.

But back to the story at hand…

On the other side of the gym stood Jordan and his parents.  They had time to kill before the play/musical started, so they tried to hunt down the supposed hook-handed father in the crowd. Remember him? Since hearing about him, we’d all doubted his existence.  Of course there was enough validity to the story that we had to make sure.  They searched high and low and even followed the girl after the program to see what adults she went to, but no hook was ever found.  [sigh]

…and Christmas was a little less exciting because of it.  [wink]

Hooks aside, the program was awesome!  Fisher seemed to have enjoyed himself and even stood to pose with Jaden for a picture.  Gosh darnit, aren’t they cute together?  I hope they’re always close.  You know, like those cool siblings that watch Indie films together on the weekends and go to drive in movies?  Yeah…just like that.  ;]


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