5 Jan

Normally I am the type who, during the holidays, spends most of the holiday behind a camera.  You don’t get to experience much of the actually holiday behind a camera, however you do get to look at what you missed later on.  So it’s not too bad of a trade-off.  This year, however, I decided to heck with the camera.  I took a few shots here and there, but I mostly soaked up all the holiday-ness I could manage.  (Which turned out to be less than I had thought.  Holidays are stressful.  [wink])

Anywho, I did manage a few goods shots from the few pictures I took.  Can anyone guess where we are?  Why, we’re at my mother’s cat ranch!  (Okay, it’s not a ranch.  It is at her ranch style house…so that kind of makes it a cat “ranch.”)  I won’t say how many cats she has, for fear that someone will label her the crazy cat lady preemptively.  Everyone knows you don’t go crazy until your eighties, so she’s good for now.

This particular cat loves Jordan’s chin.  More specifically his stubble.  Oh how she longs for him to grow something worthy of Grizzly Adams.  If only.  [sigh]  I am sure that she’d tried to make kittens with his chin if only she hadn’t been spayed as a young cat.  Curses, birth control.  (Well, that and chins can’t give birth to kittens.  It’s a sad fact of this world.)

I’ve got some other spiffy shots I’ll try to post later in the week.  But for now I’ll leave you with the image of a cat trying to mate with my husband’s chin.

You’re welcome.


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