3 Jan

Alrighty, folks.  I’m back.  Finally, I know.  I guess I should have warned you that I’d been gone for a week-ish.  A 2,000 mile round trip to Georgia takes a while and definitely takes a lot out of you.  Besides, we’re still having Christmas here at our house.  We’ve got our last round of gift opening tonight.  I know.  We are just that cool.

So, how was your holiday?  As you can already tell, ours was busy.  However, I am pleased to announce that we set an all time record during our trip back home to Georgia.  We drove it in only 16 hours!  That is pathetic and exciting at the same time.  And…and…it gets better.  We didn’t even get stuck in a traffic jam in Birmingham on the way back home.  Oh, step back!  This might be too much for you to take in!  [wink]

Seriously, I think driving straight through Birmingham was the best Christmas gift of all.  That town can kill your ETA.

Anywho….moving along…

I do have one particularly hilarious tale to tell you before I head off to work.  For the past few years my mom and her boyfriend, Charles, get my sister and I a bottle of Martini & Rossi Asti for Christmas.  A few weeks ago they picked up a bottle for each of us at the store and headed back home with the bubbly in tow.  However, before they made it home, they realized that the bottles said “Sparkling Wine” instead of “Champagne.”  Well, tarter sauce.  They had bought the wrong thing!  (At least, that’s what they thought.)  They had wanted Champagne, not Sparkling Wine…whatever that was.  So, they turned around and went back to the store.  It took some convincing, but eventually the store allowed them to return it.  Frustrated, they set off for the liquor store.  Surely there they would find Champagne.

Which they did…along with a quick education in the differences and similarities between Champagne and Sparkling Wine.  You see, Champagne is Sparkling Wine.  However, Sparkling Wine is not Champagne.  Sparkling Wine made in Champagne, France in the method of Champagne is called….wait for it….Champagne.  This is the only “sparkling wine” that can be called Champagne.  All other sparkling wine is…well, sparkling wine.

Which is what they discovered at the liquor store.  And one they learned that, they again bought two bottles of Martini and Rossi Asti for my sister and I for Christmas.

Not that funny?  Well, you should have been there.  [wink]


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