All I want for Christmas

22 Dec

Jordan’s Grandmother is keeping the kids for us while they are out of school.  Hanging out at the office with us is apparently equal to torture.  Who knew?  You’d think that movies, snacks & crafts wouldn’t be that terrible.  [shoulder shrug]

To get the kids in the Christmas spirit, she is taking the kids Christmas shopping.  Jaden & Fisher get to pick out something to give as a gift from them to a few family members.  Awesome, right?  Right. 

Jaden, wanting to make sure that she gets everyone what they want, started questioning the family about what they wanted most in life.  When she asked Jordan’s dad, he couldn’t think of anything.  So, without thinking, he blurted out: “A bazooka!”  Well, you better be careful what you ask for.

Later that night Jaden snuck over to Jordan’s Grandmother and whispered in her ear: “Grandpa wants a gun for Christmas.  A BIG one.  Do you think we can get him one?”



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