Christmas Calendar, Ages 13+

21 Dec

We all remember what Jaden was for Halloween, right?

That’s right.  A creepy dead girl, A.K.A., a princess.  ;]  Okay, keep that in mind…

Last week the kids had their school Winter Parties…and they had a blast!  Candy, presents…more candy.  They were a study in early onset diabetes.  [wink]  Jaden’s class ended up making calendars as Christmas gifts for their family.  Which is  fabulous idea!  One lucky family member gets the gift of something personal and handmade.  (It may not sound exciting to some, but wait until you have kids.  Suddenly pictures drawn by children become priceless.)  You couldn’t ask for more. 

Jordan ended up being that lucky family member.  He loved the calendar:  It was full of pictures that Jaden had drawn to correspond with each month.  Lemon was featured on January, an ocean scene with fish was featured for July…and then there was October:

What better picture to draw for October than a recreation of Jaden’s Halloween choice for 2010?  The yellow is her hair, the orange is her face and the red is copious amounts of blood streaming down from her head wound.  [Bahaha!]  Oh, and don’t forget her earrings.  She’s gory AND classy at the same time.  [wink]

Ahh…that’s my girl.  [smile]  Merry Christmas, indeed.


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