Ears and Things

16 Dec

I have small ears.  And I’m not talking ears that are on the smallish side for an adult either.  My ears can still ride the kiddy-roller coaster at the fair.  In fact, I am sure elderly women would try to pinch their cheeks if they had any.  (A sore subject for my ears since it is their greatest wish.  Forever small yet devoid of cheeks to be pinched.  Such as shame.)

Anyway, back on subject.  The darn things are tiny.  Which is perfectly fine when it comes to most things.  Ear muffs?  Oh, they’re covered.  Earrings?  They can hold their own.  But what about ear buds?  Ah…now those are a problem.  Not only are my ears small, but my canals are even smaller.  (Eh-heh.  Not many people can brag about having small ear canals.  Bada-bing!)

No matter what I do, they won’t stay in.  They’re too big.  (…that’s what she said!  Oh, come on.  You were going to say it if I wasn’t.)  Ear buds pop out of my ears the second I put them in.  It’s like corn kernels hitting hot oil.  Pfoo, pfoo!  Ear buds everywhere!  Look out below!

Not one to be easily discouraged, I moved on to the kind of ear buds that wrap around behind your ear.  They kind of like a training bra.  They don’t provide much support, but they do keep what little you have in place.  Or, at least that’s what they’re supposed to do.  The problem with me is that my ears are too small for the ear bud thingies to wrap around.  (I’m a little rusty on my ear bud anatomy…you’ll have to excuse me.)  The wrap-around part!  That’s it.  They can’t wrap around because there’s not enough to well, wrap around.  It is a true crisis.

The crisis is that Jordan got me an iPod Touch for Christmas.  (But, Raine.  It’s not Christmas yet.  Did y’all cheat?  Of course we cheated.)  I’ve finally got it loaded up with awesome music that rocks my $3 socks and I can hardly hear it.  Tis a cruel, cruel world!  So, this afternoon, I’m going to shop in the kids section of an electronics store.  Maybe the Tinker Bell ear buds will work for me.  You know she’s hot right now? Oh yeah, totally.   My niece says so.  ;]

Hipstamatic, yo.

I guess I’ll just play with my cool new apps until I get my ears outfitted properly.  My 70’s style Fisher looks pretty awesome.


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