The poor hobos!

10 Dec

Jaden has recently become obsessed with hobos.  Random, right?  Oh, yes.  I cannot even begin to imagine where this line of thought has come from, but she is deeply concerned about hobos.  

In an attempt to answer all of her hobo-related questions, I went to Wikipedia to educate myself:

Unlike tramps, who work only when they are forced to, and bums, who don’t work at all, hobos are workers who wander.

Well…I’m glad I got that straight.  I was almost certain that hobos were  bums.  [whew]  Crisis avoided. 

Yesterday, on the way home from work, Jaden started asking about hobos again.  I was feeling confident in myself since I’d recently read up on the hobo population.  However, Wikipedia did not prepare me for this particular conversation:

Jaden:  Do all hobos live in the sewer?

Me: Uh…no?  I think most of them live above ground.

Jaden: But some of them do live in the sewer.  They can lift up those round things in the road and go underground.

Me: Manholes? 

Jaden: Right.  Those round things.  Hey, are there alligators in the sewer?

Me: I think there might be a few here and there.



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