An Unusual Milestone

7 Dec

Fisher hit a very particular milestone today.  One that I’m not proud of, but am unable to stop giggling about. 

He is, by far, one of the best behaved kids in his class at school.  The teachers cannot give enough praise about his manners and politeness.  That is until today.  Evidentially turning 6 clicked with something in his brain. 

As soon as I walked back into the office from picking up the kid from school, Jordan beckoned me to his desk with a Cheshire grin. 

“Did you have an interesting ride here from school?”  [eyebrow wiggle] 

“Um…no.  Why?  Should I have?” 

“Oh, yes.  Let’s talk.”

He proceeded to tell me, through a series of smiles and chuckles, that I’d missed a call from the school principal. (Ruh-rho…as Scooby would say.)  Fisher and his best friend have been play-wrestling at the lunch table for the past two days.  An activity that is frowned upon, if you can believe it.  [wink]  And, even after several warnings, they continued to play-wrestle at the table.  This little stunt landed them in the principal’s office today.  (I know, right?  Kindergarten and he’s already a deliquent…say it isn’t so!) 

The worse/funniest part came when the principal said that it appeared that Fisher thought it was funny, because he wouldn’t stop smiling/quietly giggling to himself.  Unfortunately, Jordan didn’t get the opportunity to tell the principal that this was a nervous habit of Fisher’s and that he in no way thought it was funny.  If you knew Fisher at all, you would be rolling in the floor over this revelation.  The poor kid.  When confronted by a serious conversation/situation, he can’t help but smile and giggle.  If he gets nervous and that’s how it comes out.  Unfortunately for him.  ;]

Poor little guy.  I am sure that some of you out there think that he should be punished and severely scolded.  Well, he will be punished.  He and his friend have to eat lunch with the Principal for the rest of the week.  (Yikes!  That makes me nervous, and I’m grown with kids.)  Jordan and I also sat him down for a serious talk.  Though he did get in trouble, we know that it was for innocent reasons.  They were just boys being boys.  Neither one of them was trying to hurt the other.  Blast you testosterone! 

Poor, Fishman.  He looks utterly devastated.  ;] 


One Response to “An Unusual Milestone”

  1. Mimi December 8, 2010 at 10:44 AM #

    The poor fellow. I know that little grin…its frustrating when he is getting in trouble to see that grin…because you think he doesn’t realize how much trouble he is in…its just the I have seen that grin many times…and wondered what is going on in that head of his. Such a boy!

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