The Fishman

1 Dec

Today is Fisher’s 6th birthday.  Let me have a mom moment here…it’ll just take a second.  Six years?  When did my squirmy little man get so old?  My heartburn-inducing baby bump has grown into one of the coolest kids I know.  (Along with his sister, of course.)

He definitely has the most original imagination.  Chicken Breath?  His teddy bear is named Chicken Breath.  And his toy dog is named Mockla.  I kid you not.  This little dude is going to do great things.  (For starters, creating new baby name trends…Mockla will catch on, I just know it!)

So, to kick off his special day, last night I made some cupcakes for his class at school.  Dirt cupcakes with gummie worms, of course.  Could you inject more testosterone into cupcakes?  I think not.  Poor little, two-headed worms.  They just didn’t make the cut.

Fisher was so thoughtful that he even offered to help me make them.  It’s a good thing too, I didn’t know what I was going to do with the deformed gummie worms.

Of course disposing of the deformed worms led to an over-scrutinizing of the worms.  Not the correct shade of red?  I’m sure the other Kindergarteners won’t mind.  You think it’s tail is too long?  No!  Don’t bite it off and stick it on the cupcake!  Yikes.

Thankfully, the cupcakes were not drooled on or half-eaten…at least, not when they arrived at school this morning.

As for the evening, Fisher has chosen to have ribs for his birthday, because he is a carnivore through and through.  His affinity for ribs reminds me of my childhood.  My sister to be exact.  She would eat ribs wherever we went.  Some of those rib-loving jeans must have been passed on to Fisher.

I’ve considered taking bets on how many ribs he will eat, but most people frown on gambling.  Too bad.  The winnings could have bought Fisher more ribs.  So, the next time you turn up your nose to gambling, just think of the children.  [wink]

Happy Birthday, Fishman.  Mommy loves you in my heart.  (That’s “Fisher Speak” for the most sincere form of love in existence.)


One Response to “The Fishman”

  1. Mimi December 1, 2010 at 1:23 PM #

    lol….rib loving jeans! u r 2 funny!

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