Paper Pilgrim Disgust

26 Nov

Ah, Thanksgiving.  It was good.  We cooked, we ate, we watched the National Dog Show.  Classic.  Then, just before the sun set, we decided to string up some Christmas lights in the front yard.  (I like that the Pilgrims that Jaden & Fisher drew are watching us from the window as we defile their holiday.  Sorry folks, Christmas is way more exciting.)

I’ve never decorated a yard in lights, and since everyone does it, I figured it would be an easy task.  Wrong.  Did you know that you have to be strategic about this kind of thing?  Like making sure you decorate things so that your male and female plugs meet up in the right place?  Well, we figured that out after we’d decorated half the yard.  [nervous laugh]  No worries.  It was only a frosty 32 degrees outside.  The blowing wind kept us motivated.  ;]

How cold was it, you say?  Cold enough for me to put on a hat, which I have never done.  And for me to break down and put on a second pair of gloves, which I have never done.  It was about this time that I wished I had put on my Cuddl Duds.  (That’s right…not only am I drinking un-sweet tea now, I’m also wearing long underwear.  I’m a woman on edge!)

After losing sensation in all my extremities, I decided to press on.  The yard turned out looking quite festive and the kids were utterly thrilled.  [smile]

Heck, I even walked the dogs later that night in the 20-some-odd degree weather.  Who needs toes, right?  ;]


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