Spiders and Mice and Turkeys, oh my!

24 Nov

Apparently Lemon did not look at the calendar this morning before she decided to fall asleep on the laundry.  Doesn’t she know that it’s the day before Thanksgiving?  The day of preparation?  The day of frantic, last-minute runs to the grocery store?  The day of hit or miss cleaning as you try to bake two things at once?  [sigh]  Obviously, she either doesn’t know or couldn’t care less.

And now I have to be the bad guy and move her.  [shaking head]  I guess I’ll do the laundry later.

In other news…

We have discovered two, count ’em two black widow spiders in our garage in the past week.   That doesn’t even include the one we found at our office.  Nice.  Do I want to go rummaging around in the garage for my scarf?  Absolutely not.  I value my fingers.  All eight of them…plus two thumbs.  [wink]

Then, the day before yesterday I stroll into work  to be confronted with the phrase, “Let’s talk about rats.”  Yes, lets.  Apparently the mice/rats that live in the field behind our office get cold in the winter.  Psh.  Go figure.  And at some point they’re going to want to cozy up with us in the office.  Well that’s good news.  The poisonous spiders are getting lonely.

After recovering from the shock of more creepy-crawling-nastiness, I was given a tour of rat poison locations.  It’s a great way to start your day.  Coffee…and rat poison.  It’s like eggs and bacon.

No worries, the kids were given a stern talk about our upcoming visitors along with a serious talk about their accommodations.  Breakfast buffet?  Right this way sir.

I keep hoping that the mice will develop the gift of higher thinking.  Maybe follow after Remy in Ratatouille  and go to France.  France loves mice, right?

By yesterday the kids had come to terms with the mice situation and were eager for hourly reports of their progress.

Jaden:  Have any mice showed up at the office yet?

Me: No, I am sure that they are still out in the field, waiting for the cold to come.

Jaden:  Have you ever seen a mice in the wild?

Me:  Yes, actually, I have.  When I was a child I picked one up and it bit me.  It was very dangerous since they carry diseases that could make you sick or even die.

Jaden: [gasp]  Did you live?!

Me: ……. Obviously.


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