Cornstarch and salt and everything nice.

22 Nov

We kicked off the Christmas season a little early this past weekend.  (Shameful, I know.  I have long been a proponent of giving Thanksgiving it’s time to shine before diving into Christmas.)  My mother-in-law helped Jaden and Fisher make their first Cornstarch/Salt Clay ornaments.  I had never heard of this project, but apparently it was one that several generations of her family had done as children.  The concept is cool, the recipe is simple and the fun to be had is endless.  I cannot wait to decorate the tree this year.  It will definitely have a “homey” touch.

Once the dough was made, the kids got to work.  Using cookie cutters, they cut shapes out of the dough to be used for their future ornaments.  No, this isn’t regular cookie dough.  Yes, you can eat it…but I wouldn’t suggest it.  Cornstarch, salt and water?  Not that appetizing, folks.

Once Jaden and Fisher got into the swing of things, the excitement of the project took hold.  And things got a little….crazy.

They went from quietly cutting out the dough to pounding it feverishly with cookie cutters as crazed looks enveloped their faces.

They were delirious with excitement and drunk on the anticipation of  painting.  Oooh, painting.  Could this project get any cooler?


The painting phase was so intense that I failed to document it.  So sorry.  However, I don’t think that a table full of painting children is any place to be when you’re a camera.  Especially a nice camera.  So, the camera sat it out until the ornaments were painted and laid out to dry.

In the end, the ornaments were AWESOME.  Jaden took her time, paint the foreground first and then the background last.  She claims it’s the best way to paint.  Fisher, however, painted all of his a solid color, then added stripes at the last moment for interest.  They are definitely interesting.  [wink]

Though fragile, if packed away carefully, they could last for years.  And if not, they’re cheap and easy to make.  It could easily become a tradition.  [smile]


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