Decapitated Christmas

18 Nov

This week I’ve gotten to experience Oklahoma in its true form….windy.  My father-in-law says that the wind is due to Texas sucking and Kansas blowing…but that’s for you to decide.  [wink]  (I think his remark is aimed more towards sports than the weather…in case you didn’t catch that.)

Anyhoo, I’ve been frickin freezing.  I’m not used to this kind of weather.  Normally I don’t experience highs in the 50’s until January…at least, that’s the way Georgia does it.  I used to hate that.  I would lament the fact that it was fall for crying out loud and why couldn’t Georgia acknowledge that it was fall?  70’s?  Come on!  Alas, I’ve gotten my wish.  It’s been in the 50’s this week…in November.  (Say whaa?)  For reals.  And not only that, yesterday I got to enjoy my very first wind advisory.  (Unfortunately, Hallmark doesn’t make a tree ornament for that…)  What’s that you say?  The 50’s a bit too cold for you?  Well…what are your thoughts on some 30 MPH winds?  I know, I know…a bit extreme, but you haven’t really lived until your ears scramble back into your head to escape the cold.  It’s such a rush.

And then this morning came another first…my virgin trip out to my car with a bottler of de-icer in hand.  Ohhh…ahhh.  [snicker]  (She said virgin!)  There’s nothing more fascinating than spraying ice away with neon yellow chemicals.  [sniiiif]  Wake up and smell the chemicals, my friends.

So, what am I going to do about it?  I am finally going to break down and purchase an ear bra.  The darn things won’t stay on my head, but at least I am making the first step.  [wink]




In other news….  Have you started buying Christmas gifts yet?  No?  Me either.  [sigh]  I have not a clue what to get anyone.  Well, that’s not true.  I do have one idea for my mom…check it out:  Yep.  Cat toys.  Decapitated animal cat toys.  I only buy the finest for my mom.

See what I mean?  This would make for the wrong kind of memorable moment on Christmas moment.

So, yeah.  I’ve got some work to do.


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