A face only a mother could love

11 Nov

I promise that this will not turn into the spider blog.  However, I am utterly fascinated by this spider and thus she/her babies may be making the occasional appearance here.  That said…



I’ve done some research on my pet spider.  (She’s not really a pet…it’s not like I can buy her a sweater for the winter and spider-sized poop bags for when I take her on long walks.)  She is an Argiope.  (ar-GUY-oh-pee)  I know that she’s female because she is freakin’ enormous….and I saw her husband’s body dangling from her web about a week ago.  He was a charming chap, but was very small and very dead.  Oopsies.  “Um…yeah.  This isn’t going to work out.  *cough*  What’s that over there?!”  *wack*  (Well, I doubt she hit him with a frying pan…but I like to think of it that way.  Spider-sized frying pans…hi-larious.



No worries…her egg pouch is still in tact and doing well.  I am sure that you were all concerned about her 400-1,400 kids.  (Ah….see that?  I’m working in facts without you even noticing.  I should have been a teacher.)  The sad thing is that now that she’s got her kids set up and ready to go for the winter her time hanging out on the neighborhood sign is coming to a close.  Curse you cruel world!  I’ve kind of gotten to like seeing her there every day.  “Hello….welcome to our neighborhood.  It’s a classy place full of great families and large, hairy spiders!”  *tooth twinkle*

Wanna know something else interesting?  Huh?  You wanna?  Of course you do.  Who couldn’t love such an adorable-hairy-fang-ridden face?  Her swarm of spiderlings will hatch during the winter but won’t emerge until the spring.  (Swarm?  Flock?  Gaggle?)  Great.  Now I have to wait until spring to see this through to the end?  Come on spiders.  Can’t you change-up your schedule a bit?  Because it’s going to start snowing come February and I really don’t want to trek through the snow to check up on you like I know that I will.  Because I kind of like you…in a Stockholm-Syndrome kind of way.

So, there you have it.  Hundreds of baby spiders coming to a house near you…Spring 2011.  (It could almost be a movie poster.)


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