My 8-legged Lovely

10 Nov

Since the weather has turned cool, I have been hard pressed to walk the dogs in the mornings.  I know…bad pet owner, bad!  However, I redeemed myself this morning by taking the dogs on a long walk past all their favorite, smelly spots.  Because who doesn’t love racing from one leaf to the next, sniffing each with the intensity of a Dyson vacuum cleaner?  (Um…me.) 

We wound our way through our neighborhood and out onto the sidewalk that runs along the main highway.  (You know…the sidewalk that bikers should use, but don’t.  Instead they have a death wish and execute said wish daily as they ride up and down 48th oblivious to the cars, trucks and Semi’s whizzing past.  I hate those bikers.)  My distaste for the spandex clad bikers aside, as the dogs and I finally stepped off 48th into the adjoining neighborhood, we came across on old friend…

Click to enlarge...she's creepier up close

Remember the spiders?  I haven’t seen many lately.  I am sure it’s due to the cold weather.  (Though I wonder what spiders do during the winter…and frogs.  Where do they go?  Quick…someone do a science report on that!) 

Go ahead...take a better look. Click to enlarge.

She’s changed a bit since I saw her last.  Just a few weeks ago she was a single lady living large and free.  Dancing the nights away on the weekends in her custom-made crocodile stilettos and slipping on her game face during the week.  Those bugs weren’t going to catch themselves.  Now she’s a mom with her own little eight-legged creepies on the way.  Ah…motherhood.  Isn’t it beautiful?  (No…not really.)  Actually she freaks me the hell out. 

I have to admire her though.  All of the other spiders in the area have packed up shop.  Only one is still holding his ground in a neighboring pine tree.  He looked rather cold this morning as I walked back home with the dogs.  Really…what do spiders do during the winter?  Someone enlighten me!


One Response to “My 8-legged Lovely”

  1. Mimi November 10, 2010 at 3:24 PM #

    Bahhhhh aaaahhh haaaa!

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