Ear Bra…it does exist!

5 Nov

I guess that  I should clarify that I’m not really crazy.  I’m just a tiny bit anxious…occasionally.

Okay, that was a lie.  I’m moderately anxious most of the time…with a splash of OCD on the side.  They pair so well together, don’t you think?  It’s like peas and carrots.  Mmm, mmm fun!

Most of the obsessive, compulsive tendencies that were my constant companion as a child have dissipated.  Counting  every color in a room can really put a damper on a visit to grandma.  (Though, why do the elderly insist on having such ornate, colorful floor rugs?  Geez.)    However I still like to fold my straw wrappers a certain way along with other, fairly benign habits.  (A folded straw wrapper if much more appealing…duh.)

Anyhoo…there’s no need to slowly edge away from your computer screen.  I don’t bite.

The “cool” weather has come at last to Oklahoma.  I would call it cold, but I’ve been told that the weather isn’t considered cold here until it’s below freezing.  Right.  Since it was 33 degrees this morning when I took the kids to school, I quietly whispered to dogs that it was indeed cold outside.  Surely the dogs wouldn’t tell on me. 

Since my ears almost fell from my head yesterday from the weight of the ice that had formed on them, I decided to stop by Target this morning to find something to keep my ears in place.  (Gee…that was a long sentence.)  Having grown up in the south, I am not accustom to the “lingo” of the winter.  Apparently those fleecy headbands are called “ear bras.”  At least, that’s what my mother-in-law calls them.  Ear bra.  Can you really suppress a giggle when you say that?  I can’t.  Calling a headband an “ear bra” makes me wonder if they come in different sizes.  I’d imagine that my ears would like an “A” since they are so small.  (Hey, size doesn’t matter…it’s what you do with them that counts!)  My ears are awesome at picking up sound.  So there.  *wink*

Alas, there was not an ear bra to be found.  Tra-ge-dy.  Of course, I would want one with some lift and I’m sure those have all sold out by now.  With my luck they’d probably only have ear bra’s without under-wire.  Who wants to walk around with unsupported ears?  That’s right.  No one.


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