Cabernet & Sherbet

4 Nov

Ahhhh.  I woke up a different person today.  After a bowl of rainbow sherbet, French wine from a mason jar and a good long cry all my crazy from yesterday burned off with the morning sun.

(I actually had an inebriated table guest at a Shogun restaurant suggest pouring some Cabernet over orange sherbet.  Gross, right?  Wrong.  Feeling adventurous, I decided to try it and I must say that it was Oooo-kay.)

I guess  I should go ahead and call in a refill on my happy pills while I’m still in a good mood.  (Oops) What?   You’re not supposed to quit taking that cold turkey?  Well.  THAT explains a lot.  I can cross that off my annual “bad-decisions-to-make” list.  With blue eye shadow and black eyeliner out of the way, I can start on my Christmas shopping.  Score!

So, what do you want?   Zoloft under glass or maybe some that smells like cinnamon?  Because that stuff is the shiz.  I personally like mine in a Pez dispenser.  (No Betty Boop, please.)  ;)


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