A Dam Post

25 Oct

I know. I’ve been absent again. But this time I have good reason. I’ve just made my first journey back home to Georgia. Beside the long car ride, it was excellent. Jordan and I listened to “The Wordy Shipmates” by Sarah Vowel as well as “Devil in the White City” by Erik Larson, which was one of the most fascinating books I’ve “read” in a long time. (Can you say that you’ve read a book if you listened to it on CD? I think so.) If I wouldn’t deemed the laziest person in existence, I would “read” all books that way. It is amazing how a book comes to life when it is read aloud. (Geez, I sound like a PSA for literacy.)

Besides the travel entertainment, the time spent with family was priceless. One cannot truly appreciate family until they have been devoid of family. I never realized how much I missed them until I got to see them again. It’s odd how that works. “Hi…I haven’t seen you in a few months and boy do I miss you!” (Said as you stand in front of them.) “I won’t miss you near as much when I go back home.” (Just kidding, Mom.)

The first trip back home was eventful…more so than I had planned. Jordan and I took a long kayak trip down the Flint River with my dad for starters. Kayaking was a lot more peaceful and strenuous than I had originally planned. Floating down the river with just the sound of the flowing water and river birds to keep you company was about as peaceful as is gets. However, once the current slowed down, we did a lot more paddling and a lot less floating. Try doing that for a few hours and you’ll quickly realize how out of shape you are. (Of course we only did that for the last two hours of our almost five hour trip down river…not bad, right?)

All that physical labor was worth it. We had a fantastic chance to spend time together and to also enjoy the local wildlife. There’s nothing like seeing blue herons and deer in their natural habitat. I could have done without seeing the alligators in their natural habitat, however. Thankfully they kept a wide berth from our kayaks. (Gee, look at that log! Oh wait…it has eyes. Never mind, there’s nothing to see folks, keep moving!)

 Oh…I almost forgot the most interesting part our of trip down river. The beginning! Just before unloading the kayaks, a local news crew met up with us to get a quick interview. (Evidently Jordan and I are a hot commodity.) wink Word of our arrival in town got around to the local news crew and they wanted a quick interview about the recent earthquake we experienced in Oklahoma. “…and next we speak with a local Southwest Georgia woman about her experience in the recent Oklahoma earthquake…*cue dramatic news-music*” Gee golly, ma’am! I’m now officially a “woman.” eye brow wiggle

 Who knew that I’d get to experience my few minutes of fame just before my first official kayaking excursion? The day couldn’t have turned out to be more exciting.

 (Well, unless one of the gators had gotten me…but that would be the wrong kind of exciting.)


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