A Dam Post, Part Two

25 Oct

Mmm...where's my honey mustard?

I’ve been told that the presence of alligators on our kayaking trip would be a more compelling focal point than the actual trip.  Which is correct.  Alligators seem to be a dime a dozen, at least in the part of the country for which I call home.  It’s common knowledge that they inhabit just about every major body of water.  You can even see them at the zoo from the vantage point of a weathered deck and it’s almost too-secure rails.  And with something as common as misquotes scattered about, they quickly become uninteresting. 

However, seeing them up close without park rangers or railings to protect you, they become novel…almost mezmorizing if it wasn’t for the occasional glean of teeth.  Suddenly you find yourself trying to suppress a nervous giggle.  The kind of giggle elicited by the close proximity of danger mixed with a deep hope that it will keep its distance.  It’s then that a “small,” three-foot alligator becomes fearsome.  Could you take on an alligator of that size?  Probably, but not without some damage.  I can easily imagine missing toes as a result of such an exchange. 

Thankfully the young alligators were not fond of our boats.  They kept to the edge of the river or submerged themselves in the dank water hopefully in search of a more suitable meal.  I was happy to see them, but more so to see them go. 

Jordan & I letting the current work for us.

Ahh..here is an appropriate picture.  See Jordan in the distance, paddling like a pro?  No?  Well, that’s understandable.  It’s hard to take note of his hard work when my lazy frame is taking up the majority of the picture.  I thought myself to be in shape.  I even thought that I had decent upper body strength since I’ve chased after children for the past eight years.  I was wrong…as usual.   At least I’m consistent.  At one point, near the beginning of our fifth hour on the river, Jordan even tried to tow me.  It was endearing and utterly embarrassing at the same time.  Sadly, kayaks are not made for towing other kayaks…much less ones burdened by the weight of a worn-down lady.  (I can still call myself a lady in this context, correct?) 

The Undisclosed Waterfall

I can’t look at this picture without wanting to make a “Secret Garden” reference.  Remember that book?  Everyone has surely read that book at one point in their life.  I believe that I was supposed to read it in Elementary School, but opted for the movie instead.  Oops. 

Anyway…getting back to the picture…

This is the “secret waterfall” that we found jutting out from a rock face along the banks of the river.  It wasn’t cascading over the top of the rock in a traditional fashion but was pouring forth from a hole in the rock like a natural drain line.  I can only imagine that it is the run-off for a feeder-creek or an excess of ground water that gravity pulled from the land itself.  Whatever it’s origin, it was a fascinating sight to see. 

"Don't call them your dam kids...resist the urge!"


The rest of the trip down river was uneventful except for the random heron or duck swimming by.  Jaden and Fisher met back up with us at the dam where we first entered the river.  (Can anyone talk about a dam without reciting a few lines from National Lampoons Las Vegas Vacation?  I think not.)  So, here you have it.  My dam children standing by the dam water.  It was a dam good day to be with family.  ;)


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