Just call me “Ace.”

18 Oct

Yesterday we all went to the Oklahoma City Zoo…and I’ve got to say that it was amazing!  I’ve only been once before a few years ago when Jordan and I were still dating.  Since then they’ve added a lot of new enclosures…including the Lorikeet exhibit.

After stepping foot into their enclosure it became quickly clear that the birds loved me.  (I like to ignore the fact that I was holding bird food in my hand….surely that played no part in their adoration of me.)  I like to think I’m a natural when it comes to birds.  ;)


Jaden was wary of the birds and was none too thrilled to have them using her as a perch.  We talked her into allowing the birds to sit on her just long enough to take a pictures.  Good picture, huh?  After the shutter closed she was ready to get rid of her featherd friends.


Fisher, however, was at one with his inner bird.  He was content to stand quietly and let them come to him.  This little guy spent quite a bit of time perched on his shoulder.  Ahh…if  only we could all have shoulder birds.  Life would be so much more interesting.  ;)



Of course, the down side to your own, personal shoulder bird is the threat of being eaten.  Seriously.  These little guys had a taste for flesh…or at least mine.  At first one of them just wanted to lick my cheek.  Weird, but I was willing to go with it.  Then he tried a tentative nibble.  Talk about awkward, but surely he wouldn’t go in for the kill….?  Wrong.  The next thing I knew one of these guys were trying to eat my face.  Whoa, fellas.  I’m not ready for that kind of commitment.

Needless to say, the Lorikeets were by far the most exciting part of our trip to the zoo…at least for me.  ;)


One Response to “Just call me “Ace.””

  1. Wren October 18, 2010 at 8:36 PM #

    Next time you go, wear an eye patch, bandana, and pegged-leg and then have the birds sit on your shoulder ;) You’ll be an instant pirate!

    Arr, me mateys!

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