Grackle me this, Batman.

13 Oct

Lets talk about birds.  I know, who doesn’t like talking about birds?  Heck, birds have to be the most exciting topic of all time.  (Ahem)

One of the exciting aspects of moving cross-country is the opportunity to see new things and new particularly new wildlife.  I’ve already learned that my new home is chock full of freakishly large spiders and prairie dogs…though I haven’t seen one of those yet.  It’s what I want for Christmas.  ;)

Anywho, the most interesting thing I’ve learned about Central Oklahoma is that it is home to a ridiculous amount of Grackles.  I know.  What the heck is a Grackle?  I’ve heard a lot of the locals refer to them as such and I assumed it was just a creepy nickname for the hoards of blackbirds that coat our region.  Turns out it’s a legitimate name.  Grackle!  I quite like saying it.

The Grackle coat our area like the pudding skin.  Gross and unavoidable they are.  And when I say that there are millions of them I am being quite literal.  Every power line is obscured by Grackle.  Every open pasture is seeded with Grackle.  The blasted Grackle lurk behind the signs that hang above the interstate.  And if you are planning on taking a leisurely drive on the weekend, odds are the Grackle will burst out of the ditch alongside the road and scare the leisure right out of you.

Alfred Hitchcock missed a great opportunity when he filmed “The Birds.”  He should have stopped by the Sooner Mall.  He would have had birds out his ears and I’m sure that he would have liked that kind of thing.  Poor Alfred.

With that said, I am now off to work.  I wonder if the Grackle are waiting for me?


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