Names of the 1840’s

8 Oct

By working with genealogical records all day, every day, I am given the pleasure of coming across some of the most amazing and otherworldly names that one could imagine.  With the popularity of “interesting/original” baby names sweeping across the nation, maybe parents shouldn’t be buying the most recent baby name books.  Maybe they should be looking into their past for inspiration instead.  Of course…how tempting is “Elliphaz” for your son’s name?  ;)

My top ten favorite names for the week (straight from 1840’s Illinois):

  • Slingsby
  • Zimpi
  • Owzzy
  • Oyzy
  • Lemuel
  • Elliphaz
  • Mirhynna
  • Ignance
  • Cyprian
  • Abijah

Thank you, early settlers for making my work exciting.


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