Lost in Spiiiiiice…

7 Oct

I went and read a book to Fisher’s Kindergarten class yesterday.  Quite possibly the most motherly thing I’ve done in life besides actually squeezing out two babies.  But before I entertained his class with my faux-Spanish accent, *wink*, I ate lunch with him.  It was surreal.  I ended up sitting at the “boys” table which was awesome since I’m a girl and have never sat at a boys table before.  I soon realized that I had not missed out on much.  Boys are such…..boys.  They sword fight with their chicken fingers and stick orange slices in their mouths to act like they have orange teeth.  Not so original guys, but I’ll let those slide.  One boy had buried his lunch in a mound of orange slices.  We’re talking about 10-15 orange slices here.  What’s up little dude?  Feeling low on your Vitamin C?  I left the lunch room wondering if a person can have too much of Vitamin C.  Would you turn orange?  (Because that would kind of be cool.)

After lunch I settled down in a complimentary rocking chair to read “Skippy Jon Jones: Lost in Spice.”  If you haven’t had the pleasure of reading a Skippy Jon Jones book, you’ll die with the knowledge that your life was half-lived.  (Okay…that might be a bit much….the books are fun.  There.)  Unfortunately for me, I hadn’t done my homework.  I’m normally awesome at reading aloud a book I’ve never read before.  However, Skippy Jon Jones is a Siamese cat that thinks he’s a Chihuahua and thus he speaks Spanish.  A LOT of Spanish.  I took three years of Spanish in High School, but it’s been a while since I graduated.  Long enough for me to forget how to pronounce certain words.  I would have been golden if we were still in Georgia.  Alas we’re in Oklahoma where the Spanish-speaking population is much larger.  One little boy in the class caught on to the atrocity I was making of his language and was kind enough to correct me only twice.  Thanks little buddy.  You were a life saver.

By the time I left the entire class thought that I was cool.  *squeal*  Since when have I left a class room being the cool girl?  (And yes…this dose count.  Don’t squash my fun.)  ;)


2 Responses to “Lost in Spiiiiiice…”

  1. Aunt Glenda October 7, 2010 at 11:50 AM #

    Sounds like you had a real experience. I remember doing something like that with Michael at age five. You are right it’s a real experience sitting w/ boys.We had spaghetti, imagine what boys can do with noodles! ! !

    Love you Aunt Glenda

  2. Mimi October 7, 2010 at 10:25 AM #

    ah…cute. Don’t know about orange slices turning you orange but carrots definately will!

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