The Three Non-Amigos

5 Oct

I’m on dog duty this week.  With Jordan’s mom gone to Texas with her Dad for a visit to M.D. Anderson, I’ve got several furry bodies to watch after.  And for the most part it’s not that bad.  Denny lazes about until he notices that your ankles haven’t been gnawed on in a while.  Lemon follows you around like a groupie hoping that you’ll accidentally fall so she can smother you with her love.  And Zoey, Jordan’s Mom’s Shiba Inu is indifferent to everyone and everything.  Unless you’re an elderly woman walking your Yorkie on the sidewalk.  Then she’ll bark at you from the dining room window like a creature from the beyond.  Hey….the elderly and they’re lap dogs need to be taken down a notch every once in a while….right?

So this morning it was my turn to try my hand at walking all three dogs at one time.  And to quote some famous last words…”How hard could it be?”   The answer?  Harder than you think.  Zoey sprints from leaf to leaf in a hurry to pee on them all so she can get back home and bark at the innocent from her ivory tower.  Denny lunges himself at every car that passes him by…which wouldn’t be all that bad if he and Lemon weren’t coupled together on a shared lead.  Thus when he makes one of him infamous lunges, Lemon gets slung through the air in a back flip reminiscent of a Cirque du Sole act.  After ten minutes of this juggling act I could care less whether one of the dogs leaves a steaming surprise in the neighbor’s yard.  Sorry folks…but your grass thanks me.  You couldn’t by fertilizer fresher than that.

Mmm…no better way to start your morning than with some steamy goodness.  *wink*

Denny, car chaser extraordinaire.

Lemon, helpless heroine of morning walks.

Zoey, leaf pee-ing aficionado.


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