Outdoor Antics

1 Oct

Yesterday the kids and I spent a good part of the evening playing around in the back yard.  With the wind blowing and the temperatures in the high 70’s, the outdoors could not have felt more glorious.  Jaden and Fisher entertained themselves by launching tree debris across the yard from the top of the tree house.  I conducted a hunt for a particularly large and creepy spider that is native to our area.  Never before have I seen such a large and other-worldly spider.  Alas, it was not meant to be.  Spider-zilla was in hiding.  Thus I’ll have to entertain you with random photos I snapped while on the hunt.

One of these makes for a pretty good defense when chucked from the top of a tree house.  By the time it makes contact with your head it’s picked up enough speed to really leave a mark.  Knowing this, Jaden and Fisher only threw a few of them before I made them start throwing leaves instead.  I am such a kill joy.

While plotting a counter attack on the kids, I came across the handy work of some of our neighborhood squirrels.  They like to sit on the low branches and taunt the dogs as they dismember pine cones.  I’m sure they’d throw them at the dogs if the idea ever came to them.

Lemon can stare at a squirrel for a straight hour and did so for much of the time we were outside.  Every so often she’ll make a half-hearted leap up in the air in hopes of catching the squirrel.  She has yet to accept that her legs are too short for jumping and trees are really tall.  Curse you, science!

Have I mentioned my pepper plant?  Jordan’s grandmother gave it to me when we first moved here and I have managed to keep it alive since then.  It is truly mind-boggling.  I have never successfully cared for a plant for more than a few weeks.  These jalapenos are getting close to their 2 month anniversary.  I might have to pat myself on the back for that one.

Check this out.  Common, everyday, yellow butterflies.  The odd thing about them is that over the past week, they’ve started appearing in droves in our neighborhood.  And it’s only in the afternoon.  Every day, just after five, I pull into our neighborhood to a fog of yellow butterflies.  They are literally everywhere at once.  I have to creep down the road to our house for fear of taking out a chunk of them with my car.  (Yes, I brake for butterflies….okay, just on occasion.)  The yellow swarm consumes our streets for about an hour and then seem to disappear without a trace to wait until the next day.  It sounds silly, but it is one of the most interesting things I’ve seen.  I wonder how long it will last?


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