Misadventures at the OB/GYN

30 Sep

I went to an appointment with my new OB/GYN yesterday and let me tell you, it was just swell.  For reals.  The office staff were superb and the doctor herself was down-right awesome.  I couldn’t have been more pleased with the experience.

Well, I take that back.  There is one thing I’d change.  The hospital gowns.  What has happened to the traditional hospital gown that we have all come to love and adore?  Gone are the days of two, barely attached strings and a gaping hole for your backside to peek out of.  Now there are “DIY” gowns that open to the front.

Ladies, you know the drill.  You get your vitals read and then you slip behind a curtain in an area barely large enough to hide behind and slip into your hospital issued gown.  Well, the gown I found was a horse of a different color.  It was practically a bed sheet with snap closures all over it.   I being of the mid-20 age range felt confident that I could figure this thing out.  I was wrong.  After standing behind the curtain in my birthday suit for ten minutes, I finally came to the conclusion that I did NOT know how to assemble this gown.  Humiliating.  As if the OB/GYN isn’t humiliating enough already, now I couldn’t even figure out the gown.  *sigh*

Then came the mental debate over how much clothes I should put back on to go and ask for help.  I decided I’d put them all back on.  I didn’t want to be THAT woman.  The one that streaks around the Gyno’s office.  Thankfully a nurse came to my rescue and put my gown together for me.  Ahhh.  The snaps are there to create the sleeves.  Right.  Hopefully I’ll remember that next year when I’m here again.

After the gown debacle my visit proceeded smoothly.  My new doctor was awesome and I found myself wondering where she’d been all my life.  Unfortunately my home town had nothing but crotchety old men for Gynecologists.

And the best part of the visit?  Free suckers at the check out window.  For reals.  That is the best idea ever.  Besides children getting shots, I cannot think of a more deserving group of patients than women at the OB/GYN office when it comes to free suckers.

I got strawberry and it was delicious.


2 Responses to “Misadventures at the OB/GYN”

  1. Raine September 30, 2010 at 4:19 PM #

    Don’t I know it. I am completely without a lunch buddy now.

  2. Casey September 30, 2010 at 11:18 AM #

    Great story … but you have been misinformed about the doctors in Albany. There is a fabulous female OBGYN at the Veranda. You’d just been going to the wrong place. :)

    Miss you bunches! Had Hong Kong Cafe the other day, and it was strange to eat there without you!

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