Public park! (Because you’ve got to love the public)

28 Sep

This past weekend we got to experience the first wisps of fall as the temperatures outside cooled down.  I have to admit, I wasn’t thrilled about the tornado aspect of living in Oklahoma, but I’ll take their early fall weather of SWGA’s any day.  Sunday was crisp and cool with a strong wind blowing.  That meant long sleeves!  (Well, for some of us.  Jordan doesn’t put on long sleeves unless there’s snow on the ground.)  Fisher has tried to wear long sleeves since July, so he was tickled pink when I finally gave in and let him wear them.

We celebrated the change in weather by taking the kids to the park.  There’s an awesome park not too far from the OU stadium that the kids absolutely love.  They played for a bit on the playground, but they really only had eyes for the swings.  Jaden is awesome on the swing set.  She flies high and strong.  Fisher….not so much.  He hasn’t quite figured out the mechanics of forward momentum.  Thus, he did a lot of dangling instead.

Once Jaden saw that the camera was out, she hopped down for a quick photo shoot.  She loves a good photo opportunity and I must say that the wind made for an excellent picture.

After almost an hour of pleading, I finally gave in and let them play on the toddler playground.  I know, it’s shameful.  They’re about six inches too tall for this area, but they’re not quite ready to accept that fact.  Unfortunately for them we didn’t stay there long.  Once owner’s started parading their German Shepherds up and down the slide and clinging teenagers began groping each other by the swings, we made a swift exit.  Ah…the joys of the public park.

On the way to the car the kids tried to find every possible way to stall.  Even the promise of a slush from Sonic could not spur them on.  Fisher decided that climbing on the fence surrounding the park would surely buy him a few minutes.  Normally I’d put a quick end to his procrastinations, but I decided that since Jaden had joined him, I’d let them play for just a few more minutes.  Look at them and savor the moment.  I hope this last at least for a few more years.  Jaden’s only five years away from the dreaded teenage years.  (Eek!)


One Response to “Public park! (Because you’ve got to love the public)”

  1. Mimi September 28, 2010 at 11:00 AM #

    Thank you for this! I enjoy reading about them.

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