That’s your REAL name?!

27 Sep

I thought that by escaping Property Management and money collection in general, that I was free from insulting phone calls.  Oh, I was wrong.  I woman called last week to place an order after she had trouble “figuring out the internet.”  It’s a complicated concept.  *ahem*  All was going well until the end of the phone call.

“Sweetie…what’s your name?

“My name is Raine…like the weather.”

“RAINE?!  That’s your name?!  That’s your REAL name?!”

“’s really my name.”

“What mother gives their child such a name?!  Is it your first name?!”

“No, it’s my middle name.  I go by my middle name.”

“Well, thank goodness for THAT!  RAINE!  I’ve never heard of such a name.”  *disgusted sight*

*nervous laugh*  “Yes…well…uh…”

Unfortunately, you’re not allowed to call a customer a Bitch to her face.  Such a shame.  I would have called her such a name in the most endearing way I knew how.  Alas, I let her stomp on my name and hang up with the satisfaction that she’d crushed my self-image.  Because I’m nice that way.  Now, that’s customer service.  ;)


One Response to “That’s your REAL name?!”

  1. Mimi September 27, 2010 at 10:47 AM #

    lol…I prefer it to Gabby!

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