Water Monsters vs Michael Jackson

22 Sep

One of our new favorite things to do when it comes to wasting time is watching funny clips on YouTube with the kids.  (Well, it’s new to the kids anyway.)  Over the past few weeks they’ve watched old clips from The Muppet Show, Weird Al videos and Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen.  The classics.  It’s important to Jordan and I as parents that they have a well-rounded education.  *wink* (…and I have learned that I still remember all the words to “Albuquerque”…all eleven minutes of it.)

Last night, after watching Weird Al’s “Eat It,” I brought up the idea of letting the kids see the “Thriller” video.  I know what you’re thinking, it’s too scary for them.  I couldn’t disagree more.  After watching all five new seasons of “Doctor Who” I felt like the kids wouldn’t be phased by it. 

See?  On the left you’ve got an image from the “Waters of Mars” episode from Doctor Who.  Now that’s some creepy stuff.  There was no hiding from this guy.  Steel door?  No problem.  Air tight room?  You’re totally out of luck.  The kids thought that it was awesome

On the right you’ve got Michael Jackson.  Not that scary.  The eyes are a bit unsettling, but otherwise not all that intimidating.  By the time this video came out Michael was pretty darn effeminate.  Michael couldn’t even get out his first line before Jaden was commenting on how much he sounded like a girl.  Girly man

Oh…I was so wrong.

Jaden freaked out the second Michael Jackson’s ears started changing and his claws began to appear.  What the what?  I’d take creepy Michael over water monsters any day.  By the time he’d transformed completely, he looked like a giant cat.

So…note to self: stay away from ridiculous 80’s videos.  The kids just can’t handle the 80’s.  (Such a shame.)  *wink*


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