Kicking your cat and other crazy lyrics

21 Sep

Yes, it’s time for another installment of:  “What did he/she say?”  A favorite post of mine that chronicles the ridiculous and hilarious things the kids say.  Hmm…who should go first?  I guess since the moon is almost full, Fisher can go first.  (Mind you the phase of the moon has no bearing on how I make decisions.  I just pride myself in being random.)  ;)

So, what has Fisher been up to lately?  He’s been butchering the names of his classmates.  He started off the school year with a best friend that he calls “Carter Franker.”  Riiight.  Who would have such a name?

“Fisher, are you sure his last name isn’t ‘Franklin’?”

“Nooo!  It’s FRANKER!”

Okay.  If you say so.  *wink*

(I am going to feel like a complete idiot when I get his class’ Valentine Day Card list in February and there’s actually a kid with that name.)

Well, he and the Franker kid were only best friends for a few weeks.  Now his best friend is a boy Fisher is calling “Tage.”

“Fisher…are you sure it isn’t ‘Gage’?”  “Gage is a normal name.”

“Nooo!  It’s TAGE…with a ‘T’!”

(Nodding silently)

I can only imagine the name of his best friend by the time Thanksgiving rolls around.

Next up there’s Jaden.  She is the queen of off-handed remarks.  Crazy statements that come from nowhere are her specialty.  Just this afternoon she asked:

“Mommy?  Are the first people who ever lived still alive?”

“No, they’re dead.”

*gasp*  “Holy cow.  They’re already dead.”  (As if this revelation had some bearing on her own life-span.)

After the shock of their death wore off…she started singing along with the Queen CD I had playing in the car.  Her version of the lyrics were priceless:

“…got mud in your face…kicking your cat all over the place…we will, we will rock you!”

That’s right….she’ll not only put mud in your face, but she’ll kick your cat too.  ;)


One Response to “Kicking your cat and other crazy lyrics”

  1. Amber September 22, 2010 at 2:07 PM #

    see, i knew my cats ran from her for a reason!!! ;]

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