20 Sep

Gosh, darn it.  Look how cute we are at my first OU football game.  Go ahead, pinch our cheeks.  You know you want to.

(Well, maybe not.  It was 95 degrees and we were definitely perspiring.)

The only other time I’ve been to a college football game was when I was 6 months pregnant with Jaden….in August.  You can imagine how much fun I had that day.  (Clue: None.)  Thus, I have always judged the concept of outdoor sports against that experience.  But Raine, you went to this game…what changed?  Besides the fact that I’m older and wiser, *ahem*, I am also not pregnant.  Evidently that’s all it takes to have a good time at a football game.  Who knew?  ;)

It’s a good thing that I don’t have a bun in the oven, because the F-16 flyover shook my organs like Santa Claus’ belly.  It was freakishly loud and amazing all at the same time.  Now, don’t get too excited.  Fighter jets do not normally fly over the OU stadium at home games.  It just so happened that we were playing the Air Force and they felt like showing off.  Rightly so.  If I had an F-16, I’d want to show it off myself.

Psh, you say?  The F-16’s fly too fast to enjoy?  Well, never fever.  An enormous cargo plane flew over at half time.  So, stick that in your juice box and suck it.  ;)

How cool  is that?  Since we were sitting on the 6th row, we could only enjoy the full awesomeness of the band from the big screen.  (I know, how cool are those seats?)  ;)

I never thought in my wildest of dreams that I would A) Enjoy an organized sport & B) Willingly sit out in the heat of summer to watch said sport.  But I did and I loved it…and I’d happily do it all again tomorrow!  So, step back folks, you’ve got a Sooner fan on your hands.


(Oh, and did I mention that we won?)  *wink*


One Response to “Sooners”

  1. brouhahasports September 20, 2010 at 7:51 PM #

    Great photos. College football is a fantastic way to spend a fall Saturday. And the Sooners are again, near the top of the Big XII.

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