Say what?

15 Sep

The kids have been bursting at the seems with comical remarks and ridiculous reasoning these past few weeks.  And far be it from me to keep them all to myself.  I rue the day they transform into sullen teenagers.  Curse you, puberty!   Puberty aside…moments like these should be shared while they last:

Fisher acquired a new teddy bear a few weeks ago.  It was originally a dog toy, but Fisher fell in love with it.  I would have denied him the request, but Jordan’s grandparents have yet to learn the word “No.”  Thus the once chew toy is now a beloved friend and bunk mate.  It has gone all this time without a name.  Fisher takes most of his toys at face value and names them obvious things like “teddy bear” and “soldier man.”  He calls it as he sees it.  However, this new teddy bear has reached the upper echelon of toy-hood and deserves a name fitting of his rank.  Fisher has named him “Chicken Breath.”  (which he pronounces as Chicken Bref)  Seriously.  I couldn’t make up a name like that.  Why such a name?  “Because he likes to eat chicken and hot sauce…..DEAD chicken.”  Well, that’s good to know.  I wouldn’t allow a stuffed bear to eat live chickens.  That would be rude.

Speaking of rude…Fisher’s concept of less versus more is a bit…off.  Last week Jordan had to referee between Jaden and Fisher when he found Jaden crying and Fisher looking rather guilty.

“Fisher…did you hit your sister?”

“NO! ……I punched her.”

Unfortunate for Fisher, he did not realize that he should have stuck with the accusation of hitting rather than punching.  *wink*  Well, there’s always next time.

Of course, I can’t end this post without a good Jaden story.  Women have rights, you know.  Her most memorable line came shortly after the big move.  We were all out to eat at a local chicken finger place when a group of airmen from a nearby air base came in.

“Look, Jaden, soldiers.  They defend our country against bad people.”

“….and robots!”

That’s right, Jaden.  You can’t forget those pesky robots.  What would the world be like without our men in arms?  Crawling with killer robots, apparently.


Click to Enlarge

Since Fisher had two endearing stories and Jaden only had one, I figured a picture of her flying across a pool would balance things out.  ;)


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