Faux Fruit

10 Sep

It’s the first day of school!  (Well, it was a month ago…but who’s keeping track of that?)

Such happy, smiley faces.  And geniune to boot.  Jaden and Fisher were thrilled about going back to school.  The summer got “boring” about two weeks in.  Crazy youngsters…I never got bored during the summer.  (Even if I had to walk up hill, both ways in the snow to get to the swimming pool.)

However, several weeks later, the new has worn off.  School is no longer the shiny penny it once was.  Jaden claims that the day is longer when she is at school…for realz, mom!  Fisher is now appalled that he can’t eat the fruit snacks that he takes to school each day.  Oh no, he has to eat the doughnuts or cupcakes that some how magically appear each day.  The horror.  Who would ever want a fresh, frosted cupcake when you’ve got fruit “flavored” gelatin snacks?!

That’s right…faux fruit snacks, hands down.  ;)


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