Guess what’s flammable?

27 Jul

1) Candles are flammable.  I did my fair share of blowing out candles this past weekend at an early birthday shindig for myself, twin sister and best friend.  Since I’ll be in Oklahoma on my birthday, my mom decided to celebrate early.  I’m okay with this.  I’ll take any excuse to not cook.  Plus, this free meal came with birthday cake.  Sha-zam!  Could it get any better?  Negative.

2) Cats.  Cats are flammable.  I discovered this over the weekend as well at my early birthday party.  My mom’s cat, who HAD a very fluffy tail decided to sit down next to a candle.  One moment we were all having a quiet discussion over cake and the next my sister was screaming.  “The cat is on fire!!”  Ahhh….phrases you never thought you’d hear in life.  The flaming cat ran about the kitchen trailing smoke and burnt hair.  He was eventually caught and snuffed out.  No worries…the cat is fine, just a little less fluffy.  ;)



One Response to “Guess what’s flammable?”

  1. Amber July 27, 2010 at 1:52 PM #

    poor doc! :( all he wanted was some dinner. i can still smell that awful smell….oh my, my nose hairs will never be the same!!

    btw, i will be sending you the pictures asap!

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