…And the nasty just keeps coming

23 Jul

Today’s post is a little….well….gross.  You may want to read with caution. 


The other day a tenant called up to the office to report that her toilet was clogged.  We sent out a plumber to fix the clog and to see what had caused it.  He reported back that he had pulled a wash cloth and a large amount of toilet paper from the drain line.  Weird.  But definitely not the weirdest thing we’ve pulled from a tenant’s drain line.  We charged the tenant for the service call and went on our merry way.

She just got the bill for the service call and called to dispute the charge.  The conversation was as follows:

Tenant: “Um…yes.  I want to complain about this charge because I don’t use toilet paper.”

Me:  *shocked silence*  “Uhhh…”

Tenant: “You see, I feel like toilet paper doesn’t get me as clean as I’d like, so I keep a wash cloth by the toilet and use it instead.”

Me: *Holding back vomit*  “…You do what?!”

Tenant: “Oh, don’t worry.  I use Clorox.  You see, I don’t like the stains or the smell.  So I use Clorox to clean it off.”

Me: *Oh merciful heavens!*  “Riiiight.  Unfortunately, the charge will not be removed.  It was due to the wash cloth getting flushed down the toilet that your drain line got clogged.”   *Barf…barf*

Tenant:  “Oh, I know.  But it was an accident, you see.  I didn’t mean to flush it.  It must have fallen in when I wasn’t looking.”

This is definitely not something I’ll miss when I leave next week.  *Shudder*


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