One Year

9 Jul

What?  Did you think that I could let the first anniversary of this blog pass by without a few words? 

I do have to apologize first, however.  I’ve been a tad absent here lately.  What?  You’ve noticed?  Oops.  ;)

I blame it on the whole moving-half-way-across-country-thing.  Did you know that moving 1,000 miles requires a lot of effort?  At first I figured that I’d throw some things in a box and drive to our new destination.  Then I wondered how many boxes would I need?  20?  50?  100?  No, surely not 100.  (On the other hand…100 might be just right.)  Then there’s the packing tap, bubble wrap, moving truck, furniture dolly, etc….  Holy cow, that’s a lot.  But what do I do about transferring health insurance?  Pediatricians?  Registering for school?  Eeek.  This is getting hairy.  Don’t even get me started on plane tickets and hotel rooms.  *sigh*  I’m sure that there’s something else that I need to book/schedule.

So, needless to say, I’ve been busy.  And stressed.  And excited.  And I’ve eaten copious amounts of Tums.  Heartburn?  Oh, I’ve got it in spades. 

But, enough of that…what have you been up to lately? 

Just the other night I managed to delete everything that I’d recorded on our DVR.  All of those glorious TV shows gone.  Now I’m forced to suffer through commercials.  Commercials, people! 

Other than that, all I have to show for myself are these pictures:

Ikea, baby.

Last weekend Jordan, my sister, the kids and myself all took a trip to Ikea.  Oh, Ikea.  How I love thee.  Of course, the trip home was a quiet one.  After spending all day walking through Ikea, we were exhausted.

Too much sugar?

The rest of my time has been spent visiting with friends and family.  I’ve discovered that people become very popular when they decide to move to a different time zone.  I think all of this visiting has gotten to the children.  Or all the sugar they’ve consumed lately.  (It’s probably the sugar.)

They are crrrazy.  But in a good way.


One Response to “One Year”

  1. Amber July 9, 2010 at 3:20 PM #

    and not to mention, you had your hands full last weekend!! i’m expecting an “adventures with winston” blog. hehe. ;]

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